Candle Vent Stick Rework & Inspection

Problem: A Taiwan manufacturer had 160,0000 packages in 16 different vent stick fragrances and heads. The heads on the vent sticks had a defective paint coating which was deteriorating within the packaging due to the strong fragrance inside.

Solution: LPM created a process to inspect and rework the packages:

  1. During the inspection, 57,582 good units were found, returned to original case and inner box packaging to be staged for return.
  2. Removed 4 vent sticks out of packaging and took the defective heads off each scented vent stick body.
  3. Mounted new heads back on the scented vent stick bodies and repackage with new materials.
  4. Corrected units were repacked in original inner and master carton.

Results: LPM arranged pick up of the defective units in Massachusetts, reworked the packages and sent back the corrected units and the good units found during inspection within the specified drop-dead dates and budget.

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